Friday, September 9, 2011

Thrill Me (a right and proper welcome post)

Hey beauty peeps!

I've been slacking off hoarding beauty products instead of actually posting things to my blog.  My bad :-(

Over a year ago I got introduced to beauty blogs while hustling to get the MAC Venomous Villains collection.  And since then I know I've always wanted to start my own blog but what would make mine different?  There are plenty beauty bloggers, and plenty of 'brown girl' beauty bloggers as well.  So what makes me so different.

Well, because I'm 'me'.  That's my story and I'm sticking with it. ;-)

Unlike a lot of geeky girls I love makeup.  I mean I LOVE makeup.  As in I keep makeup in my purse, in my house, in my car, in my gym bag, in my get the idea.  I also have expensive taste.  But when it comes down to it a product needs to 'thrill' me.  It needs to get down on its knees and beg me to buy it.  It isn't enough to be Chanel or MAC or Dirt-Cheap-At-Target.  You need to provide something to make me go diving into the seats of my car to scrounge up change and buy you.  The same goes for tech products.

In other words, 'thrill me'.

Thanks to the wonders of Tumblr and Twitter and my short attention span, I'll only write proper blog posts when reviewing items.  Face Of The Day (#FOTD) or shopping 'recon' trips or 'lookie here what Sephora/MAC/Nordstrom/Amazon sent me' stream through Tumblr and Twitter.

I also do quite a bit of drooling over the latest in Tech.  Fair warning: I am an Apple slut...and a Google wench.  I own stock in both so ain't no shame in my game.

So until the next post, stay gorgeous! -- Trish

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  1. Hi and welcome to the world of blogging and tumblr-ing. ;)
    I definitely agree with you... so many makeup blogs out there, would one more make a difference?
    Yes, it would.
    Solely because it's -our- voice.
    Nobody has the same tastes no matter the age or skin tone.
    Anywho, I also love Apple! But as I am currently a non-working college student, I can only pass by window displays in a drooling envy. But one day I shall own it all. ;)
    Also, great eye makeup. Makes your peepers pop.
    PS. I'm from Specktra. I don't post much, I'm more of a lurker but I do pipe up once in a while. :P

  2. Thanks so much for the comments and compliments! :-) Glad to know you're on there on Specktra.

    I feel you about Apple. When I was in college I was willing to almost sell a kidney to get one. LOL!